What is meant by CPA offers and what kinds ..

There are a lot of people who do not know what the CPA offers are. It is believed that CPA offers only register with email or e-mail. This is the prevailing view of the majority. In this article we will explain and correct the idea and know what CPA is and what it is:
CPA: Cost per Action (Cost Per Action) or Cash Per Action

Advertisers use this method to increase the number of their sales or to increase the number of visitors to their sites or to advertise their brands, there are many reasons to use this method.

Advertisers are subscribing to the AFLIT system, which pays for each person who is bought or worked by them each time called AFLIGHT.

Each of the CPA companies determines a certain percentage of the publisher's share in the program and the advertiser also determines the profit rate for each publisher in the AFLIT system.
Means that the publisher wins in two ways either from the link of the elliptical or from the river which earns a certain percentage of each sale or work done, for example Peerfly site limits 5% of the profit of each river without losing any fils of the balance of the river.

Let's clarify the types of CPA offers. There are 4 types of offers:

 CPS: "Cost Per Sale" means any payment for the purchase. This depends on the system of the Avelite and determines the percentage of commission on each sold.
CPL: "Cost Per Lead" means paying for registration, and this method to attract visitors to register in mailing lists or mailbox, and this method of the easiest and fastest way to profit. Because the visitor has to register only or add a mailbox.
CPC: "Cost per click" means a pay-per-click site that is similar to an AdSense pay-per-click system.
CPM: It means pay-per-impression, and counts 1000 impressions for a certain amount determined by the advertiser.
Which of these four types suits you to work on it, each type has a different way in its display.


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